Sunday, June 16, 2024

Round 3 of destash..............

  I'm going to start posting items for sale little by little as I organize my stash.  Pet and smoke free home.  Here are the guidelines:

I can only accept PayPal or personal checks.

You must email me if you are interested - exuberantcolor2 AT gmail DOT com and mention the number on the item as well as the description.

All items will be shipped USPS Ground Advantage which has tracking and $100 insurance.

All sales to US addresses only.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.


#1 - 16 quarter yards of floral and leaves - 4 yards total.

I consider these to be the softer colors (compared to bright colors).  Click on the photo to see each fabric clearer.

Unwashed fabric.  $21 plus shipping  SOLD


#2 Over 50 floral fabrics, all smaller than a quarter yard.  By weight I estimate this group to be 7 to 8 yards of fabric.

This group is mostly softer color floral and leaf prints (compared to bright fabrics).  A lot of the pieces are very close to a quarter yard.  Unwashed fabric. 

Moved to #4 week destash


#3 - Wine or burgundy, choose your name, 11 and 3/8 yards of fabric in a coordinated group.

Yardage, left to right: stripe 2 yds, floral 1 yd., vine on cream 3/4 yd., dark tone on tone 3/4 yd., medium tone print 1 yd., leafy light fabric 1 and 7/8 yd., dark leaf 5/8 yd., and dark with light leaves 3 and 3/8 yds.  You could easily add a couple more light fabrics to have enough yardage for a queen size quilt.  Unwashed fabric.  $55 plus shipping.     SOLD


#4 - Blue Odds and Ends

This pack has 2 pieces that are large scraps, several 1/4 yards, some 1/2 yards, one 3/4 yard, and one piece 40" (1 yard 4").  It is 7+ yards of random size pieces.  The second photo is the 40" piece, a McKenna Ryan ombre folded so you can see 2 of the shades of blue. It is a very subtle print resembling brush strokes.  Unwashed fabric.

$32 plus shipping.    SOLD


#5 - 12 quarter yards, blue fabric. Unwashed fabric. 
Moved to #4 week destash


#6 Assorted reds, 8 pieces, 4 yards

The smallest piece is 1/3 yard, some are half yards, 2/3, and 3/4 yards.  I think one piece has been washed, the rest are unwashed. 

Moved to week #4 destash


#7 Red/orange print to look like brocade.  It has light areas and dark areas in the print.  One 2 yard piece + a 1 and 3/8 yard piece.  3 and 3/8 yards total.

A light area.

A close up of a dark area.  I think the color is most true in the first photo.  This one was a difficult one to photograph.  It is really a pretty fabric.

$18 plus shipping.


(I am near Chicago.  The farther you are from me, the higher the Ground Advantage price.)

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